Prime Number Finder

Privacy Policy

This application does not intentionally collect any personal information about its users as this application only allows the input of numbers. This application only performs computations locally on the user's device. On Android, this application does not require the runtime permissions necessary to access restricted user data such as contacts or to access restricted actions such as using the device camera. Similarly on Windows, this application does not require permissions such as file system access or webcam access. On both the Android and the Windows operating systems, users should be able to see runtime permissions granted to this application. Depending on the method of installation for the application, the software store from which the user obtained the application may collect and share user installation information to the developer of this application (such as the user's Country, device type (brand, model, ...), ...). In the event of an application issue (such as an application crash or if the application becomes unresponsive), the software store from which the application was obtained may provide information about the software state (including but not limited to a stack trace which may contain the user's input data used in the application) and the device state (including but not limited to device orientation, power state (battery saver, etc.), etc.). For further information about what information Google Play supplies developers, please see this link about data provided to developers.